Whether you're a beauty aficionado or someone who sticks to skin care basics, you might have seen a mini skin care fridge on your Instagram or other social media feeds. With more than 2,000 posts, the #minifridgeshelfie is the beauty accessory that everyone is obsessing over.

A mini skin care fridge is essentially a small refrigerator that holds your skin care products and keeps them cool. They come in a variety of fun colors and retro designs. Just look at this one from Cooluli or this one from Frigidaire; it's no wonder this trend took off on social media.

But what does it do—if anything—for your products? Let's break it down.

What Are the Benefits?

While the companies that produce and market these devices might suggest otherwise, they don't truly make your products any more effective.

What they can do is slightly lengthen the shelf life of some products. Studies show that ingredients like retinol have been known to chemically alter when it gets hotter, so storing it in a place with a cool temperature, like a mini fridge, could help it stay effective longer.

New York City-based board-certified Dermatologist Dr. Robert Finney recommends putting products such as eye creams, face masks, and moisturizers (especially those that are aloe-based) in one. He explains that the cooling effect can help with puffiness around certain areas of the face, like the eyes, and can also feel refreshing.

However, he does say you might want to avoid putting products like serums and oils inside the fridge. The cool temperature might thicken the consistency of oil-based products, making it more difficult for you to apply them and harder for their active ingredients to penetrate the skin.

Aside from these minor benefits, the main point of a mini skin care fridge is that it looks attractive and organized. If you're searching for an aesthetically pleasing way to house your products—because nobody wants their cremes and lotions stored right next to their food—it will do just that.

Do You Need One?

The short answer: probably not. Dr. Finney explains that products on the market have already been tested approved for stability at room temperature. He concedes that some products might get a slight bump to their shelf life if kept cool, especially natural and organic products that lack preservatives to maintain longer shelf lives. And like mentioned above, the cooling effect with certain products like eye creams can feel good against the skin and help with puffiness. This is strictly optional, however—skin care doesn't have to be hard or expensive, and you shouldn't let the lack of a trendy product discourage you from applying your products daily, especially a broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen.

So, if you have the extra room and money to splurge on a mini skin care fridge, go for it. Anything that gets you excited about applying your favorite products is a definite plus. At the very least, these little machines can add some nice decor to your living space.


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