As the weather cools down and the leaves begin to fall, it's the perfect time to enjoy outdoor fall activities in your own backyard. These fun-filled ideas are proof that you don't have to leave your home to have a memorable day with your loved ones. With a little preparation and creativity (as well as some sun protection for those long afternoons), you can enjoy the fall foliage your local neighborhood has to offer. Here are five fall outdoor activities for families to get the festivities started.

5 Outdoor Fall Activities for Families

1. Frolic in the Leaves and Make Leaf Crafts

Falling leaves during the autumn season is a great source of cheap entertainment. Who doesn't love to frolic in the leaves? This is the one time of year when backyard chores can turn into fun for the whole family. Grab a rake and make big piles of the fallen leaves. Take turns jumping into the piles and making the colorful leaves rain over the backyard.

Feeling crafty? Collect the nicest leaves you can find and turn them into a kid-friendly arts and crafts project in the backyard. You'll need a handful of brightly colored leaves, craft paper, and glue. If you're not sure what to make, try to make a DIY leaf wreath or turkey craft.

2. Play Family Games and Sports

Fall afternoons are the best time to squeeze in some family fun. If you have 30 minutes to spare during your lunch break or a whole day off on the weekend, go out to the backyard with your family to get in some healthy movement and competition.

Football and soccer are just some sports that make for perfect outdoor fall activities. You can also set up fall-themed games in your own backyard, such as a game of cornhole, sack races, and more. For other outdoor fun in the fall, try lawn bowling and mini golf.

Even as the weather cools, you could work up a sweat while enjoying the family bonding time, so be sure to apply a water-resistant 30+ SPF broad-spectrum sport sunscreen that's suitable for physical activity. If you plan on playing outdoor games for the whole afternoon, remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours.

3. Have a Backyard Bonfire With Smores

Don't underestimate the classics; a backyard bonfire is a great outdoor activity for those cooler nights. Wait for the sun to set and have a cozy autumn evening under the stars with your loved ones.

Make your patio or backyard extra cozy by stringing lights overhead to set the mood. Grab some soft blankets, ingredients to make smores, and some warm apple cider or hot chocolate. You'll get to enjoy the fall scenery while staying warm and toasty.

Spending outdoor time with family is a special way to bond out in nature. Plus, you can roast veggie kebabs and hot dogs for a quick dinner, followed by roasted marshmallows as dessert.

To make these fall outdoor activities for families even more fun, tell spooky stories and play campfire games amid the glow of the bonfire.

4. Carve Pumpkins and Roast the Seeds

And don't forget the seasonal classics, too! Carving pumpkins is an ideal fall activity for families that you just simply can't skip. Prepare ahead of time by visiting a nearby pumpkin patch or selecting pumpkins at your local grocery store. You'll also need a pumpkin-carving kit. Make sure to get enough pumpkins for the whole family.

While the littlest ones might need help carving their pumpkins, they will enjoy the process of working together as a family to decorate the backyard with jack-o-lanterns. Place a candle inside the carved pumpkins at night to light up the backyard with your creations.

When you're done carving, scoop up the pumpkin seeds. These will come in handy later when you're craving a savory treat. Luckily, roasting pumpkin seeds is easy and makes a delicious, healthy snack the whole family will love. You can eat them outside while you watch birds, stare at the starry night sky, or enjoy that family bonfire.

5. Pick Apples and Make Applesauce

Picking apples, making applesauce, and drinking apple cider are the perfect outdoor activities to get in the autumn spirit. You can visit a nearby apple orchard or simply get some juicy local apples at the supermarket.

Making applesauce is easy. Even kids love to mash the homemade applesauce and enjoy the sweet and tart taste once it's ready. You can also prepare homemade apple cider to sip on between backyard games or during other fall outdoor activities for families.

Outdoor fall activities are a creative way to bring the seasonal spirit into your busy lives. It can be fun to slow down and spend time with the family without ever leaving your home. Plan some of these activities and watch your loved one's faces light up with excitement. Just remember to protect yourselves with a broad-spectrum sunscreen so sunburns don't squash your fall spirit.


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