If your skin is dry, cracked, itchy, or red, there's a good chance that you've got some degree of damage in one—or maybe all—of the three layers of your skin's barrier: the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis.

If that's the case, time is of the essence: the faster you fix the problem with a good skin barrier repair strategy, the better off your skin will be in terms of its look, feel, and benefit to your immune system. But what's the best skin care technology out there?

Science has some clues. While Dermatologists have long recommended a basic cleanser-sunscreen-moisturizer care routine, biology indicates (and research has shown) that sometimes damaged skin needs more attention than everyday care.

For those occasions, amino acids give your skin just what it needs to heal and recover. Fortunately, EltaMD's new Skin Recovery System, powered by Triple Action Amino Acid Complex (AAComplex) Technology, packs three powerful amino acids into its exclusive, scientifically-proven formula.

But First: What Are Amino Acids?

Known as the "building blocks of life," amino acids are organic compounds in the body that develop into proteins that support many different bodily functions, including the repair of body tissue. Humans can make many of their own amino acids, but other amino acids must come from outside sources like food.

Although they are microscopic in size, amino acids play a huge role throughout the body—from supporting your digestive and circulatory systems to protecting and maintaining your skin's health. That's why they were incorporated into the AAComplex system, a product line that includes toner, serum, and moisturizer.

Amino acids used in the formula help repair the chemical and physical causes of skin damage (like pollution or facemask irritation). By supporting antioxidant activity, the formula also helps defend against free radical damage, penetrating deep to strengthen and heal the skin barrier from within.

Together, these important amino acids help get damaged skin back to a restored and rejuvenated state while protecting it from future irritation. But individually, each one offers unique properties that promote optimal skin barrier repair.


Taurine has many functions throughout the body, including to support your metabolism. Meat and fish typically contain this amino acid, which is also known to support the health of your eyes, heart, and muscles.

But when applied topically, taurine has a specific purpose: it accelerates skin cell metabolism for faster regeneration and healing of damaged skin. This helps minimize redness and swelling.


Arginine is what experts call a "conditional amino acid." That means that it does occur naturally in the body, but your body may need more of it during times of stress and illness.

Topically, arginine may have special attributes. Research has demonstrated its potential to support healing and stem the spread of drug-resistant bacteria among burn victims, but it also offers some potential for those with less severe damage to the skin barrier. Arginine works by moisturizing and nourishing the stratum corneum from within for top-layer protection and reinforcement.


Like arginine, glycine is also a conditional amino acid—so while your body does make it independently, it may need more of it during certain periods of distress.

Glycine quickly penetrates deep into the inner layers of the skin barrier—right down to the dermis, which contains the skin-strengthening protein collagen. Once there, this amino acid helps stimulate collagen production. Not only can this process help repair damage for healthier, stronger skin, but it also may give your skin a defensive boost given glycine's link to the immune system.

Choosing the Best Skin Care Technology

The skin is your body's largest organ and outermost protector, a shield that defends you from head to toe. It works around-the-clock to keep you safe from the elements, injuries, and pathogens—but sometimes, those forces damage the skin barrier.

Still, skin damage is often reversible. In conjunction with a good skin care regimen, fast and thorough repair of the skin barrier is possible with a science-based formula created with biology in mind.

The Skin Recovery System is exactly that. Backed by more than 10 years of global research and development work, EltaMD's system has been proven to help visibly reduce skin redness caused by damage and irritation.

If you struggle with the telltale signs of a damaged skin barrier, consider trying a new approach with the AAComplex Technology. Your body's shield, as well as your overall well-being, will thank you.