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  • Every EltaMD sunscreen is PA+++ rated.

    PA measurement is how the Japanese convert a standard UVA score from a PPD test into their version of UVA measurement for sunscreens. Japan is one of five countries that has a UVA measurement rating system. For the Japanese rating system the PPD score corresponds to a PA designation:

    If PPD = 2-4, then PA = PA+
    If PPD = 4-8, then PA = PA++
    IF PPD = 8 and higher, then PA = PA+++

    PPD ratings are the ratings used to assess UVA protection for sun screens. There are currently only five countries that employ some form of UVA testing: Australia (NZ), Japan, United Kingdom, Germany and the US. All but Germany and the US use PPD testing.

    PPD is by itself not used as an indicator of UVA protection, but is converted into a score used by a country or region. For example in Japan they use a conversion system wherein the PPD score is converted to a “Protection of UVA” score or PA. Sunscreens are assigned one, two or three plus symbols (+) depending upon the PPD score derived from UVA testing. This designation would be required to be placed on the label of a product.

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